Unify Your Operations With Our Custom Product

Transition seamlessly into the digital era with our Salesforce App, engineered to propel your online educational journey forward.

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Our solution empowers online institutions  with a suite of Salesforce apps, streamlining and integrating with third-party systems. Built on Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud, our solution offers seamless functionality while providing accessible, scalable solutions.

Program Management for Higher Ed

Launch and manage your portfolio of programs with ease and efficiency.

  • Track from Approval to Launch
  • Cross-Team Collaboration
  • Unified Program Data
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Lead Generation for Educational Institutions

Execute marketing campaigns at scale and seamlessly integrate leads into your student recruitment process.

  • Campaign Workflow Manager
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advanced Web-to-Lead Form Builder
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Student Recruitment & Relationship Management

Streamline your student acquisition process with our powerful recruitment management tools.

  • Data Flow from Lead Generation App
  • Inbound Omnichannel Execution
  • Student Application Management
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Student Sucess | 3os

Supporting Student Success in Higher Education

Foster student retention through personalized, scalable initiatives.

  • Student Record Management
  • Student Assignment for Success Coaches
  • Inbound Omnichannel Execution
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Tech Support for the Connected Campus

Ensure a smooth technology experience for your student community with tech support capabilities.

  • Case Ticketing System
  • Multichannel Communication
  • FAQ Content Editor for Support Pages
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Enhancing the Student Experience

Our solution lets you launch support features that maintain a connected, engaged community of students.

  • Integrated Support: Case Forms and FAQ
  • Application-to-Opportunity Capability
  • Chat and Appointment Scheduler
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